How long will herbal treatment take?

There is no definitive answer because so many variables will influence the duration of treatment. Our biological makeup is as unique as our medical histories and bodies heal at differing rates.

Influential factors affecting length of therapy required include:

•    The condition
•    Severity of the condition
•    How long it has been present
•    Past medical history
•    Drug history
•    Current health status

Your herbalist may be able to give you an estimated guideline once they have taken a detailed case history.  It is important that progress is closely monitored and herbal prescriptions are adjusted accordingly over time.

Herbal medicine can sometimes take longer before beginning to achieve their desired effect when compared to pharmaceutical drugs. However its gentle supportive action aims to address the root cause of the condition and therefore usually produces more permanent results. In addition, when correctly prescribed, side effects are rare.

Whilst the above is applicable for chronic cases, the right dose of herbs can produce immediate results. Medical herbalists working in First Aid situations often resolve acute issues within hours or days.

As the choice of herbs and appropriate administration are key to safety and efficacy, professional advice is recommended.  To find your local practitioner see Find A Herbalist.