An Introduction to SELF CARE with FOOD & HERBS

Organiser    Gail Farrow
Date    Five Saturdays  9 September, 16 September, 7 October, 14 October and 4 November.  
Start time and duration   1pm-4pm (23 hours)
Contact telephone or e-mail    07815 168410

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Brief description of the event   This five part practical course gives you comprehensive knowledge of how to create resilience and use safe remedies for common health problems.  We taste and identify herbs in the garden, explain body/mind functions and plant therapeutics and make remedies from teas, creams and tinctures and foods.  Assessing your diet and health may help you make small simple changes that could dramatically improve your wellbeing.. 

The sessions fit together as a whole course but can be booked separately. Sessions 1 Self Care Basics and 2 Digestive Discomforts work well together to set the scene to help you assess your diet and health. The other sessions build on this.  Session 3 covers Sleep, Anxiety & Fatigue, Session 4 Skin & First Aid and Session 5 Coughs, Colds & Allergies. There is a discount for booking all five together.

People said “The workshop was so good - I really enjoyed it and learned a lot. The whole group had a great time.” “Very relevant and totally inspired.” “I loved the people, the laughter, as well as being able to contribute.” “Making hands-on concoctions, information learnt, atmosphere, meeting new people, as well as tasting and testing, everything was great.”