Herbal Medicine - Herbs to Protect. Focus: Skin. 

Organiser: Phytology + Molly Herbs

Date: 17th June

Start time and duration: 11-1pm. 1-2pm shared lunch.

Contact telephone or e-mail: To book: http://phytology.org.uk/?post_type=calendar&p=1963. 

Brief description of the event (max 200 words): Phytology’s Herbal Medicine summer workshop offer an introduction to the native plants growing in the medicinal meadow at the Bethnal Green Nature Reserve, alongside practical information about how to use these herbs safely and effectively in the home for many different ailments. Following on from the first Herbal Workshop on Balance, the following workshops will focus on Protection, Cleansing, and Detox. These workshops can be taken individually or as a series. The course is run by qualified medical herbalist, Molly Maitland – www.mollyherbs.com.

Gain hands on experience making your own bespoke lip and body balm using fresh herbs from the Phytology meadow. We will explore the properties of different carrier oils for external use, learn the different techniques of infusing herbs into oils and you will create a bespoke lip balm to take away with you.