Workshop: The Summer Solstice - The Mighty Oak and The Blasted Oak

with Jo Dunbar & Adrian Rooke

Date: Saturday 8 July or Sunday 9 July 2017, 10am – 5pm

The Queen Elizabeth Park in Hampshire (collection from Petersfield railway station is arranged if you don't drive)

Organised by Botanica Medica and costs £75. Advanced booking only. Call 020 8892 9227 or to book.

Combining a day of Druid ritual, deep connection with ourselves and the plants of the hedgerow, we shall celebrate the Summer Solstice with stories, meditations, songs and herbs.

The ancient Celts called the Oak, Duir (doorway). The Oak tree is the Summer King of the forest who is the doorway to another world, or level of existence. They turned to the strength and power of the Oak for the courage and inspiration needed to embrace new possibilities.

The Blasted Oak represents The Tower in the tarot. When lightning strikes the Mighty Oak, its proud crown explodes and the imagery represents those times in our lives when our world is blown apart.

This day retreat explores how The Blasted Oak affects our lives and how we can work with The Mighty Oak to move through the doorway from a life torn apart to one regenerated with fresh growth. It is a workshop which connects deeply to the iconic Oak, and through this connection reveals our hidden strengths and courage as we transmute our challenges into triumphs.

We shall also explore other hedgerow herbs such as St John's Wort, Mugwort, Melissa and Vervain. These herbs can bring light and joy into our lives, and in this way, we open our hearts and lives to the joy of the sun at its zenith of power both in the outer world and in our inner landscape.